Frequently Asked Questions

How often are the bulletins updated?

The online postings are updated constantly throughout each day with new jobs.  In addition, each bulletin’s editor adds his/her own unique finds under the heading “Editor’s Picks.”

May I put my school’s ID and password on our website?

Yes.  The service is free to job-seekers, so feel free to distribute your school’s ID and password to your students or alumni as you see fit.  Students may also choose to register individually to get the same access.

I forgot my ID and password.  What should I do?

Click on the “Log In/Out” link at the upper right hand corner of any page, then follow the instructions from there.

Can I post my resume on your site?

No.  At this time we do not offer a resume-posting service, nor do we act as a middleman between you and your potential employer.  When you are interested in a position, apply directly to the employer listed in the job bulletin.

How do I get my job opening listed in a bulletin?

To specifically advertise a position in a particular job bulletin, please click here for more information and to fill out the job ad form.  To send us information about an opening to use at our discretion, please e-mail it to

What do the abbreviations in the bulletins stand for?

Most of the abbreviations you’ll see are pretty standard, and are defined as follows:

Acctg – Accounting

App   – Application

Biz    – Business

Ddl    – Deadline

Eqt    – Equipment

Exp   – Experience

Govt  – Government

Hist   – History

HT    –  Half Time

Incl    – Including

Intl    – International

Ltr     – Cover Letter

Magz  – Magazine

Mgmt – Management

Mgt    – Management

Mktg  – Marketing

MS     – MicroSoft

Org(z) – Organizational (skills) /Organization(s)

PR      – Public Relations

Pref    – Preferred/Preferable

PPT     – PowerPoint

PT      – Part Time

Rec     – Recommendation (letters)

Refs    – References

Rel      – Related

Req    –  Requires

Resp   – Responsible

Sal     – Salary

Stmt   – Statement

TT      – Tenure Track

W/      – With

Yrs      – Years

If you have additional questions, please contact us.