Current Jobs in Writing, Editing and Communications

Current Jobs in Writing, Editing & Communications lists entry-level or early career job vacancies in a broad range of communications fields.

Applicable Majors and related degrees or fields:

Advertising Broadcasting Business Communications
Editing Instruction Journalism
Marketing Mass Communications Public Relations
Publishing Radio/TV Production Research
Speechwriting Scriptwriting Technical Writing
Writing/Reporting Visual Communications Applied Communication
Public Address Rhetoric Social Media
Literature Philosophy Arbitration
  • The database is updated constantly with new jobs, plus check out the Editor’s Picks for more unique vacancies.
  • The jobs we list focus on entry-level or early career positions for candidates with college/university degrees and requiring either no experience or no more than 1-2 years experience, most of which could be obtained while working in college or through an internship.
  • We seek out a wide variety of job titles, to educate users on the possible career paths with their degree. If a particular title is intriguing, click on the “More Like This” button to perform an advanced internet search for similar jobs.
  • Vacancies listed are mostly within the U.S., plus some listings for foreign jobs and flexible locations.
  • Applying: Each job vacancy listed includes a link for more information and to apply directly. No middleman interference or fees apply.


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