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The Current Jobs for Graduates registered user base consists of hundreds of colleges, universities, and libraries that share their bulletins campus-wide, reaching tens of thousands of students each month. In addition, we have a strong web presence that generates usership from individual job-seekers.  Our service is free of charge to all job-seeking users worldwide.

Your job vacancy ad will reach an audience trained in the liberal arts and humanities fields, with a particular focus on early career and entry level job-seekers.  To see details of our job bulletins and get a feel for what titles and categories we usually list, click on the applicable link below:

Purchased job ads will be posted online in the bulletin of your choosing, in a featured position at the top of the page, and will remain static there for 30 days.

$99.00 per ad            30 days

Jobs ads may be added any day of the year and are usually posted within 24 hours of receipt.  If you have additional questions, please contact